Public safety

Public safety for residents of all ages is a top priority in Oakwood.

Oakwood’s Public Safety Department is one of the few fully consolidated Police and Fire Departments in the country. All sworn officers are fully cross-trained and state-certified in law enforcement, fire fighting, and emergency medical services. Advantages of this cross-training include extremely swift response times and the ability to react flexibly and appropriately to changing emergencies.

Oakwood’s state-of-the-art communications center allows public safety personnel to be dispatched rapidly, with response times significantly under the national standard. Dispatchers are familiar with the community, adding to residents’ sense of safety and reassurance.

Oakwood safety officers are highly visible and involved in the community, whether exercising the strict traffic enforcement that protects the city’s pedestrian, biking and vehicular ambiance, patrolling the business districts on foot or on bikes, or participating in educational and community activities.

Fire Response Times
National Standard: 6 minutes
Oakwood (2014): 4.20 minutes

Police Emergency Response Times
Oakwood (2014) 1.19 minutes

Medic Rescue Times
First unit on scene
National Standard: 4-6 minutes
Oakwood (2014): 1.73 minutes

Medic Response Times
National Standard: 13 minutes
Oakwood (2014): 2.51 minutes