Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions prospective Oakwood residents ask
most often.

Buying a home is a big investment. Why should I make that investment in Oakwood?

Over the decades, Oakwood homes have been an excellent investment. While most of the homes in Oakwood are over 75 years old, they were very well built with high quality materials, impressive architectural style and unique features not found in your typical community. Many Oakwood homes have been updated over the years and are in move-in condition. Some homes await upgrades and can be purchased at very competitive prices.

What about taxes? Are they higher than those in other Dayton-area communities?

Oakwood’s property taxes are somewhat higher than most other Montgomery County communities and the majority of those taxes pay for our excellent city schools. The city’s income tax rate is just one-quarter of 1% (0.0025) higher than several neighboring cities including Dayton and Kettering – the two largest cities in the region. What is higher, by far, is the quality of public education and the level of city services your taxes help to provide – unmatched in any other community in the region.

I'm concerned about safety. Does a small city like Oakwood have the resources to provide effective police, fire, and emergency medical services?

Oakwood is one of the safest communities in Ohio...and in the country, with the fastest emergency response times in the region and neighbors who look out for one another. Each of our safety officers are trained and certified in law enforcement, fire-fighting and emergency medical services. We are the only department in the region with officers trained in all three disciplines. That safety edge is especially attractive to residents with particular safety concerns – parents of young children, single women, seniors, and those with medical conditions.

How open is Oakwood to diversity?

Like many first-tier suburbs, Oakwood was once viewed as an enclave of privilege. Today, however, Oakwood is home to a vibrant mix of ages, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Oakwood is now named by new residents – including military personnel who’ve resided around the world, – as one of the friendliest, most welcoming places they’ve ever lived.

If I live in Oakwood, will I spend lots of time in traffic commuting to my job?

Oakwood commute times are, on average, shorter than those of more than 85% of other Ohio communities. The median commute is around 15 minutes, and the city’s central location and access to public transportation, bikeways, and uncrowded highway systems make it easy for Oakwood residents to spend more time at home than in transit. Some of Oakwood’s citizens even walk or bike to work.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about moving to Oakwood?

Call 937-298-0600 or email, and a city staff member will contact you...or we’ll put you in touch with an Oakwood Ambassador – someone who lives in Oakwood and can address your questions from a resident’s perspective.